Mini Secretariat could not Start even after Six Months of Inauguration


Government offices have not yet been shifted to the Mini Secretariat building constructed with Rs 20 crore at Una headquarters.

The Mini Secretariat building was also inaugurated about six months ago during the tenure of the BJP government, but even after six months of inauguration, this building has not been dedicated to the public.

Even now the administrative work is going on in the old building only. After all, why is the administration not able to shift the government office here even six months after its inauguration?

This question is worth pondering upon however, the concerned department had completed the six-storey mini-secretariat building in record time.

But after this, the department forgot to install a fire fighting system in this building. After the said matter came to the notice of the administrative officers, a fire fighting system was also installed in the Mini Secretariat building. But even after six months of inauguration, work is going on in the building.

After all, the general public is facing problems due to this work going on at a snail’s pace. The failure of the administration is taking a heavy toll on the people and still all the work is going on in the old building itself.


It may be mentioned that to strengthen the administrative arrangements in Una city, a mini secretariat has been constructed at a cost of Rs 20 crore.

Before the assembly elections, the BJP government inaugurated the Mini Secretariat in the midst of the half-incomplete work of the Mini Secretariat. Although at that time the six-storey building of the Mini Secretariat was ready.

Mini Secretariat could not be Started even in the New Government

There has been a change of government in the state. The Congress government has started working but the mini secretariat building started during the BJP tenure in Una has not yet been made smooth for the convenience of the public.

Officers are Getting Worried due to the Lack of Office Shift

Officials are facing difficulties due to the non-shifting of government offices in the new building of the Mini Secretariat. During the rainy season, rainwater is entering the government office.

After the rain last day, water entered the offices of ASP, DSP, and other offices. Due to this the people coming to the offices for their work including the officers had to face difficulties.