Buses from Delhi to Manali


Manali is a heaven for national and international tourists. In summers it provides a perfect place for Indian tourists in deadly summers in the planes. This place is thronged by large number of tourists in winters as well. In winters tourists enjoys the snow falls while walking through the bazaars and streets of Manali town.

Manali is also visited by the thousands of foreigner tourists. Because of it’s very cold to cool climate around the year new married couples who can not afford foreign tourist places choose Manali as the preferred honeymoon destinations. A number of cultural events and festivals are held at Manali around the year.

Bus is the most available and preferred way of travelling to Manali. There are number of bus services available to Manali from different North India cities. Here is the list of Tourist buses from Delhi to Manali, ran by Himachal Tourism.

Volvo Buses From Delhi to Manali

Buses Departure Arrival Fare
Manali-Delhi himsuta (volvo ac) 16:00 pm 7:00 am Rs. 1125/-

Manali-Delhi himsuta (volvo ac) 17:40 pm 8:30 am Rs. 1125/-

Manali-Delhi himgourav (tata ac) 17:50 pm 9:00 am Rs. 880/-

Manali-Delhi himgourav (tata ac) 5:45 am 20:30 pm Rs. 880/-

Manali-Delhi semi deluxe 17:00 pm 8:30 am Rs. 530/-

Manali-Delhi ordinary 21:30 pm 12:30 pm Rs. 510/-

Keylong-Delhi ordinary 13:14 pm 5:30 am Rs. 495/-

Udaipur-Delhi ordinary 16:48 pm 8:30 am Rs. 510/-




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