5 Best Places For River Rafting In Himachal Pradesh


River rafting is one such adventure sport that is very much liked by adventure lovers. Himachal Pradesh is one such state of India which apart from its special tourist places is also very popular for river rafting.

When the snow of the mountains here melts, the level of the rivers increases considerably. If you are an adventure and nature lover, then you will definitely like to do river rafting in the rivers here.

The rivers of Himachal Pradesh are very exciting and very rapid, which is perfect for river rafting.

There are four major rivers for river rafting here, Chenab in Lahaul, Ravi near Chamba, Sutlej near Shimla and Beas near Kullu, which originate in Himachal Pradesh.

If you want to enjoy river rafting in Himachal Pradesh, then in this article we are going to tell you about the best places for river rafting in Himachal Pradesh.

What is river rafting?

River rafting is an adventure sport that is becoming very popular nowadays. While having fun in this game, you also become adventurous. In water rafting, one has to move with the waves of the rivers with the help of a small boat.

People doing river rafting have to move with the strong waves of the river and the experience of winning in it is very special, which we cannot describe in words. When a rafter goes ahead with a bag of water, he forgets everything for a moment.

In this sport, rafting tourists or tourists have to use a rubber boat and in which a special type of suit is worn. This suit is equipped with air-filled floats, due to which one can float on its own after falling into the water.

River rafting in Satluj

Sutlej River is one of the most challenging rivers flowing in the Indian Himalayas. Rafting on the Sutlej River is done in the vicinity of Tatapani. This place gets its name from the sulfur springs.

It is 50 km from Shimla where tourists can easily reach by car. River rafting in the cool waters of Sutlej River provides a special experience to the tourists. River Sutlej is one of the longest rivers in India where rafting can prove to be a lot of fun and adventure.


Tourists can visit Shimla in the months of May and June for this activity with attractive landscapes. Tourists can enjoy river rafting from Chabba (12 km) to Tattapani or Sunni (5 km) to Tattapani. Apart from this, Pandova to Tattapani route can also be included as another option.

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River Rafting in Ravi

River rafting has developed into a popular activity in Chamba, usually done on the Ravi and Saale rivers.

Tourists are advised to visit this place between the months of June and October. Tourists can approach government or private tour operators to enjoy river rafting in Chamba.

River Rafting in Spiti River

River rafting in the Spiti River in the state of Himachal Pradesh will give you a wonderful experience of your life. Spiti River is one of the best places for river rafting in India.

Here you can stay in the water for up to 6 days and the glimpses of the local villages, the snow-covered glaciers, and the atmosphere will make your rafting a very memorable one.

The rafting starts from Tuting area and covers Pasighat whose endpoint is Sumo. The best time to visit here is in the months of July and August.


River Rafting in Beas River

Beas River in Kullu Manali is one of the best places in India for river rafting. The river rafting here starts at Pirdi and ends at Jhuri. Here you can go for rafting in the months of March and July in a year.

Rafting routes from Pirdi include Bajaura, Sarabai, Bhuntar and Shamshi, Mohal, Raisol, and Katren. The route from Pirdi to Bajaura is the most preferred because of the rapids, thrill, and being the longest.

This route is of 14 km and takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. The route from Pirdi to Bhuntar is also very pleasant for rafting.

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River Rafting in Chandrabhaga

River rafting and other water sports were introduced in the Lahaul and Spiti region in the year 2011. Koksar is the starting point for river rafting in the Lahaul Spiti region.

This route goes up to Tandi for a distance of 90 km. Apart from this, there is another route that leads from Darcha to Udaipur at a distance of 70 km on the Keylong-Leh road.

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