This beautiful village of Sainj Valley is all set to have it’s first film shooting


Himachal Pradesh is a hill state with high mountains, narrow valleys and dense green forests which adds to its beauty.

Many Hindi films have been shot in Kullu Manali in Himachal Pradesh but the beautiful Sainj Valley of district Kullu has been still untouched for cinematic activities.

Sainj Valley is famous for different government projects so far, especially, the hydel electricity projects and fruit and vegetable cultivation but the valley is all setup to have its first .

Vaibhav Kulkarni, director of Geeta Film Production told that some of our friends had visited Sainj Valley a few months ago. Then the idea came to his mind to do some shoots about the beauty of the valley.

According to him, “The beauty of this place has been carefully observed, here are good places for the film world”. The name of this film is going to be The Robert House, he said.

The main purpose of making this film is to bring the beauty of Sainj Valley to world and to keep alive the Dev tradition and ancient culture found here. The entire team of Geeta Production will work on this film from March 28 to April 25.

Balamkund Thakur, the owner of The Robert House, has told that the Sainj Valley is a very backward area from a tourism point of view.


“Neither any government has worked here nor any leader is working on it to promote tourism”, Thakur said.

“I will be very grateful to Geeta Film Production that they have planned to make a film named Didi Orbit House to limelight the beauty of the Valley, the Dev culture, and local tradition here, which will promote the beauty of the Valley in the country and abroad”, he said.

“With the making of this film, tourists from all over the country and abroad will rush to witness the beauty of Sainj Valley, which will generate employment and means of income for the youth of the valley, he said.

“This film is going to act as a new self-employment for the unemployed youth of Sainj Ghati”, he added.

He has also called upon the youth of the entire valley that all the youth should come forward to support Geeta film production.