Charging Stations to be Installed Soon at 107 Places, Transport Department Completes Transfer of Land

Charging stations to be installed soon at 107 places

The Transport Department has completed the process of transfer of land at 107 places for charging stations to be built for electric vehicles in Himachal. Now the process to install charging stations on behalf of EESL i.e. Energy Efficiency Service Limited Company will be started soon at these places.

The Transport Department has ordered the company to start the process of setting up charging stations at these places soon. To promote electric vehicles in Himachal Pradesh, a network of charging stations is being prepared.

Charging stations are to be installed at more than 700 places across the state. The Transport Department had issued orders to the DCs of all the districts regarding marking the place for the charging station in the state.

Charging stations to be installed soon at 107 places

In this, it was said that a place should be identified for setting up charging stations in all the districts of the state. In this situation, more than 700 places in all the districts have been identified for setting up charging stations.

Meanwhile, 19 vehicles of the Transport Department have been replaced with electric vehicles. With this, Himachal Transport Department has become the first such department in the country, under which all the vehicles coming under it are e-electric.

Diesel vehicles present with the Transport Department will not be auctioned for the time being. He has been placed in the Department of Transport reserve pool.

At the same time, the responsibility of setting up charging stations in the state has been given to the Energy Efficiency Service Limited Company.

The Transport Department has shared with the company the details of the places identified for the charging stations by the District Deputy Commissioners. The company is now looking at the feasibility there.

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