Fagli festival: Where Obscene Abuses are Tightened by Wearing a Mask


Himachal Pradesh is world famous for its ancient culture and traditions. One or the other Jatra (fair) and the festival is celebrated in every village of Himachal Pradesh.

Each festival is associated with some or the other ancient legend. Fagli festival is celebrated in some areas of Himachal.

An years-old tradition is followed even today in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh whose name has been given as Fagli in ancient times.

The Fagli festival is held in the month of February. The celebration of this festival starts from Sankranti and lasts for about a month. It is customary to use obscene abuses in this festival.


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In this festival, some special people of the village wear masks on their faces and do obscene abuses and acts.

Women, children, and elders participate in it together, but those who serve obscenity do not even heed on this festive day. Actually, this festival is celebrated according to Dev tradition.

A similar festival was also organized at Gushaini in Banjar district. The fagli festival- mask dance is organized every year from 13 to 15 February in different villages of Tirthan valley.

Demonic forces are driven away from the village by a few selected people by performing mask dance and hurling obscene abuses.

Where and When is it Celebrated?

In Himachal Pradesh, the custom of Faguli can be seen in different villages of Lahaul Spiti, Kullu, Manali, and Kinnaur districts of Himachal Pradesh.

There are various customs and colourful stories focusing on this festival. It seems that based on those beliefs this festival is celebrated differently in all the above-mentioned places.

Why this Festival is Celebrated

According to mythology, the village was terrorized by a demon named Tundi. The demon would eat someone or the other every day. The villagers were very upset s, they went to Manu ji to solve this problem.


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Manu ji found a solution to this problem. A girl from the Dhaugari clan of the village was very beautiful, seeing whom anyone would have fallen in love with her.

God Manu told the villagers to propose marriage to that girl in front of the demon and in return put a condition that he would take the girl and leave without causing any harm.

The villagers did the same and the demon was fascinated by the form of the girl and accepted the condition of the villagers.

Seeing the girl’s sacrifice, the God Manu said that henceforth this festival would always be celebrated in her honor and she would be welcomed with special dishes and then she was sent off with pomp.


Since then this festival is celebrated and even today Fagli festival is started from the house of the same girl.

Special Dishes are Made

On this day, people make Aksu, Geeche, Chile (Anklu), Garani, Puri, and other types of dishes and invite guests and feed them. Hospitality is done with a drink called Lugarhi.

You can also enjoy this festival in district Kullu in the month of Magh and Phalgun.

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