Read the Story of Himachal Pradesh becoming a Complete State


Himachal Pradesh means the state situated in the lap of snow. Himachal Pradesh is known as a small state across the country.

Which is known for its Dev culture, beautiful litigants, tourism, crops grown here and honest nature of the people.

Ever since the formation of Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh has been touching new dimensions of development.

Today 53rd Himachal Day is being celebrated in the state and it has completed the journey of 52 years.

On the historic day of 25 January 1971, at the historic Ridge Maidan in Shimla, the former Prime Minister of India Late Indira Gandhi announced the full statehood of Himachal.


Along with the first Chief Minister of Himachal, Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar, former Prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi reached the Ridge Maidan while doing a show in an open jeep via Mall Road.

At that time it was bitterly cold, snow flakes were falling on the historic ridge ground. Thousands of people from across the state had gathered at the historic Ridge Ground to witness this historic moment.

Despite the minus degree temperature, everyone was gazing at former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi .

As soon as the Prime Minister announced the full statehood of Himachal Pradesh, there was a wave of happiness among the people present.

People from different areas of the state reached the Ridge Maidan and celebrated the absolute kingship of Himachal by playing Nati.

It is said that during this time Indira Gandhi also participated in the celebration along with the people of Himachal.

Srinivas Joshi Witnesses this Historic Moment

Former IAS officer Srinivas Joshi is a witness to this historic moment. He says that January 25 was such a day not for Himachal Pradesh but the entire nation which was being recorded in golden letters in the history of the country.



During this, Srinivas Joshi was giving the details of each and every incident happening on the Ridge Maidan to the people of the state through live commentary through All India Radio.

Himachal Pradesh Ranks Second in Literacy rate after Kerala

If we talk about the field of education, then after Kerala, Himachal Pradesh comes second in the rate of literacy.

Ever since Himachal Pradesh got the status of a full state, since then Himachal Pradesh has been establishing new dimensions of development every year.

In 1971, only 288 kilometers of roads were paved in Himachal Pradesh, but today more than 40,000 kilometers of roads have been paved in Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh is known as the energy and tourism state because today it is illuminating many states with the hydel project running here.

Even though Himachal is a small state, but among the states of the country, today it is counted among the top states.

If we talk about the tourist places of Himachal, then there are many such tourist places in Himachal which have got recognition at the world level.