Spectators Entry will start at 4.30 pm during IPL matches in Dharamshala

ICC ODI World Cup Dharamshala

During the IPL matches to be played in Dharamshala on May 17 and 19, the entry of spectators will start at 4.30 pm in the stadium, and the match will start at 7.30 pm.

1200 police personnel will handle the security for the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches to be played on May 17 and 19 at the International Cricket Stadium, Dharamshala. The city has been divided into four sectors for security, law, and order, and traffic plan in view of the match.

In which the first sector will be the stadium complex, the second for traffic and parking, the third for the stakeholders’ accommodation, and the fourth for the players’ accommodation. On the other hand, from today, there will be movement of vehicles in the city from morning to afternoon according to the traffic plan.

In such a situation, visitors and common people coming to the city will have to drive their vehicles according to the traffic plan.

Don’t come to the stadium without tickets

On the other hand, SP Kangra Shalini Agnihotri has appealed to the people that those who do not have tickets, such people should not come towards the stadium so that unnecessary crowds can be avoided.

Spectators Entry will start at 4.30 pm during IPL matches in Dharamshala

The influx of tourists increases in Dharamshala and Mcleodganj on weekends, but this time due to the match, there is a possibility of a significant increase in the number, according to which the police will work to control the traffic.

There will be a car parking for those who watch the match

Parking facility for the vehicles of people coming to watch IPL matches will be available at Jorawar Stadium and Dadi Mela Ground. From these parking lots, people will be taken to Civil Line Chowk through shuttle buses.

The facility of four shuttle buses will be available for the people. VVIP parking will be at Sai Ground, while a temporary parking facility will also be available for spectators at the Football Ground being constructed on Dadi Road from HPCA Stadium.

Understand this is the traffic plan

Vehicles going from Dharamshala to Mcleodganj will be sent through the bypass, while vehicles coming from Mcleodganj will be brought to Dharamshala via Khada Danda Road.

Vehicles will be taken out of Palampur Road from the marked parking in Police Ground. At the same time, the movement of vehicles from the police ground towards the stadium will remain closed.

Heavy vehicles will be allowed to enter Dharamshala city only from 1 pm to 8 am. No trucks or other goods vehicles will be able to enter the city during the day.

Buses will not be allowed to stop outside the School Education Board Headquarters and in front of Red Cross Chowk during IPL matches.

Vehicles coming from Kangra will be brought to Dharamshala via Mataur-Bagli-Chaitdu-Sheela Dadi. Vehicles going from Dharamshala to Kangra will be diverted via Sakoh-Chaitdu-Bagli-Mataur.

The timings of Volvo buses plying in the evening will be changed. Bus operators will discuss about making changes.

If the bus operators do not revise the timings, the buses will be diverted from Dharamshala to the destination via Chadi-Gharo-Chambi.

Vehicles coming from Sakoh will be taken from Kunal Pathri Road and will be taken to Kotwali Bazar. The vehicles of the people living around the stadium will be sent from Chilgadi Road towards Kotwali Bazar via Diet Chowk.

Vehicles going on Dharamshala to Khaniyara route will be sent via Dadi-Kand, while those coming from Khaniyara to Dharamshala will be taken to Fawwara Chowk Kotwali Bazar via Dadnu.