Chhota, Bara Bhangal cut off


The upper reaches of Dhauladhars and Chhota and Bara Bhangal experienced heavy snowfall in the past 20 hours, while the lower areas were lashed by heavy rain.

The entire region is in the grip of severe cold. Chhota and Bara Bhangal have been cut off following heavy snow at the Thamsar Pass at the height of 19,000 feet.

Nine inches of snow was recorded at Billing, a major tourist resort, this afternoon, while seven inches of snow was recorded at Kothi Kohar in Chhota Bhangal.

Many parts of Palampur, Baijnath, Jaisinghpur and adjoining areas have been without power following a snag developed in the transmission lines feeding many parts of Kangra.

Vehicular movement at Chhota Bhangal and Billing has been hit. No bus could reach Barot today. Paragliding at Bir-Billing has also been suspended.

Hundreds of light and heavy vehicles are reported to be stranded at Multhan, Kothi Kohar, Luhardi, Billing and Barot. Many villages have been without power since last night. It is learnt trees fell on the power lines, damaging those.