15 roads got approval in Himachal under NABARD

15 roads got approval NABARD

Shimla: The process of approval of projects for Himachal Pradesh is continuing in NABARD. The second consignment has reached the department within a month. 15 rural roads have been approved in this batch. These roads will be constructed with Rs 123 crore. With this, a target has been set to build 98.81 kilometers of road.

The state government will have ten percent share in this and the state will have to pay about Rs 12 crore 30 lakh, while Rs 111 crore will be made available as loan to PWD through NABARD.

Out of these 15 projects, maximum half a dozen projects have come from Mandi. While Kangra and Kullu have got three projects each, Chamba, हमीरपुर, and Sirmaur have got one project each. PWD will complete all the formalities related to these projects in the next one month.

15 roads got approval NABARD

After this the tender process will be conducted. The construction of these roads is likely to start from the month of February. Payment for the roads will be made from NABARD in three installments.

It is noteworthy that till now in the last five months, 62 projects of NABARD’s PWD have been approved. An amount of Rs 495.152 crore has been received in these projects. The biggest approval among these was received in the month of August.

PWD Chief Engineer Ajay Gupta said that second approval of 15 projects has been received in NABARD. So far this month, 31 projects have been approved in two installments.

The department will complete all the formalities related to these projects in the next 30 days and after that the tender process will be started. These projects of NABARD will expand the roads in rural areas and the roads which were damaged during rains will be repaired.

The department will complete all the approved projects in the next three years.

39 projects worth 280 crore stuck in NABARD

These roads got approval

Mandi :- Mahota to Bagsher 14 km Karsog Division

Naira to Imla Khad Baralpul 1.33 Km Karsog Division, Sikhnamatt to Kasan via Morgalu, Gram Panchayat Upperli Surari, Sadar and Bhargaon 3.50 Km Division Sadar, Chamiana-Bhatoh via Maira Kusheri 6 Km Division Mandi

Risa to Chowk via Faglu-Masdwan-Kuthed-Machlan ten kilometer division Sarkaghat, Sarkaghat to Khalerdu via Lakwanu-Surajpur-Bari-Barchwad.

Kangra:- Construction of bridge on Salayani Khad in village Amber on approach road 2.77 km.

Bharath to Chowki Bharsola via Dan Link Road Division Sulah 8.05 Km.
Dehra-Amla-Gabla-Andardar-Tarsuh-Birta-Jogipur-Ujjain-Sevakar-Netahar Widening
Block Kangra 11.03 Kms

Kullu: – Johal Jesta Ashni Pun Road Division Banjar 4.60 Km, Jawali Tinda via Seri Bela Biyogi Road Division Banjar 4.70 Km, Ranabagh to Kandibag Uptu Balu Division Ani 12.85 Km.

Chamba:- Lahal to Bagru four kilometer division Bharmour.

Hamirpur :- Bharadi-Nandan-Plassey-Begtu-Mair Road Division Bhoranj 2.39 Km.

Sirmaur :- Salwala-Sataun Road Division Tilordhar 9.61 Km.