Kaza – Commercial center of Lahaul and Spiti



Kaza is situated on the left bank of Spiti river. The altitude of valley is 3600 m from sea level. It is lies between 32° 13′ 12″ N and 78° 4′ 48″ E.


Kaza is high altitude cold desert. Spiti valley having similarities to the neighbouring Ladakh and Tibet in the tems of terrain and Buddhist. It has a Buddhist Monastery and also a Hindu temple. Kaza mainly acts as a tourist base for Spiti valley and one can visit places like the Ki Moneastery, Kibber and Komic village, Nako, Pin valley, Kunzum Pass and Chandratal lake from here. It is also the starting point for trips to Ki Gompa and the villages of Kibber. The Kaza is the largest township and commercial center of the valley. It can be divided into two parts Kaza khas and Kaza Soma.


[source esamskriti=http://www.esamskriti.com/photograph/kibber-spiti-valley-photo-album.jpg]

The government offices are located in Kaza Soma. The Kaza Khas has the king place,monasteries and gompas.

Places of interest

Key Monastery

Key Monastery (also spelled Ki, Kye or Kee) is situated 7km from Kaza in Spiti valley. The altitude of Monastery is 4116 meters. The Monastery lies between 32°17′51.84″N and 78°00′43.17″E.  The walls of Monastery are covered with paintings.

Key monastery

There are three floors in Monastery. The first floor of Key Monastery is used for storage. The second floor of key Monastery is called, the Tangyur, is painted with murals. The ground floor of  Monastery has cells for monks. The Monastery is the biggest monastery of Spiti Valley. The monastery appears like a fortress. The Key monastery is surrounded by snow capped mountains. The route of Key Monastery is very beautiful. The Key Monastery is popular for its architecture called Pasada style.

Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park is situated in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. The national park is spread over an area of 675 sq km. There are about 17 villages situated in the circumference of the park. The population of village is sixteen hundred.

Pin Valley National Park

The local people belonging to buddhist community. The Chham dance by the Lamas of this Gompa are very famous dances in the valley. The Pin Valley Park is home for 20 species of animals and birds also home of snow leopard. The Pin Valley National Park is famous as the land of ibex and snow leopards. We can see ibex and snow leopard here. Besides snow leopard we can see also bharal,red fox,marten,siberian ibex.

How to access Kaza

By Air: The nearest airports is Bhuntar which is 250 km away.

By Bus: It is well connected by roads.


In winter the temperature can reach below freezing point woolens clothes are recommended. In summer the weather is pleasant and lights woolens are required.