22 crores will be spent on Kullu-Manali NH, NHAI took the decision after survey of geologists

22 crores will be spent on Kullu-Manali NH

Shimla: The work on Kullu-Manali NH damaged by the disaster is going on war footing. Geologists have found in the survey that wherever the roads have collapsed, they have collapsed due to lack of concrete construction work.

Due to this, learning the lessons from the disaster, the companies engaged in construction work and NHAI have started working on the advice of doing construction work with concrete.

The damaged route of Kullu-Manali NH will be completed in the initial phase at a cost of approximately Rs 22 crore. Mucking is being done on the parts of the road cut off by the river.

Concrete walls will be installed, due to which the administration has got an experience in this disaster that wherever concrete walls have been installed on this route, those parts from Kullu to Manali have been saved from getting damaged.

With the help of geologists, construction work is being done to restore the road. 15 miles of Manali, includes the stretch along Cloth, Patlikuhal, stretch along Banderol.

The river will be channelized from the middle. After a few days, the construction work will be speeded up keeping in mind the flow of river water.

SDM Sadar Kullu Vikas Shukla says that with the cooperation of the general public, the work of Kullu-Manali NH is going on war footing.