Big changes in the education sector, Education Secretary Rakesh Kanwar decided seven different working groups

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Shimla: Himachal government is going to take big steps to improve the education sector. For this, Education Secretary Rakesh Kanwar has formed seven different working groups.

Each working group has been given different work and all will submit their report to the Education Secretary. After this, the government will take new decisions to improve the quality of education and create a competitive environment in the state.

The first group in the working group is regarding the complete implementation of the National Education Policy, of which Special Secretary Education Pankaj Rai has been made the convener.

This committee includes State Project Director of Samagra Shiksha Rajesh Sharma, Director of Higher Education Dr. Amarjeet Sharma, Director of Elementary Education, Joint Secretary Education Sunil Verma, Principal NCERT Solan Hemant Kumar, Secretary of School Education Board Dharamshala and Surendra Rangta from Samagra Shiksha.

Has been included, while Joint Secretary of Higher Education, Dr. Nandlal Sharma has been made the Member Secretary of the Working Group.

The second working group is regarding NAAC Accreditation and RUSA project. Dr. Harish Kumar has been made its convener, Joint Director Higher Education, while Dr. Gopal Sangharak has been made its member secretary.

Big changes in the education sector

Dr. Nandlal Sharma, Joint Director of Higher Education, Dr. Pramod Patel of Government College Hamirpur, Dr. Ruchi Ramesh, Principal of Darlaghat College, Dr. Rajesh Sharma and Dr. Ramlal Sharma Principal of Nora Degree College have been added as members in the working group.

Additional Director Elementary Education Baburam Sharma has been made the convener of the working group formed on quality improvement and learning outcomes. In this, Manjula Sharma from Samagra Shiksha will be the member secretary.

Joint Director Higher Education Harish Kumar, Principal Senior Secondary School Baldeyan Dharampal Jishtu, School Principals Punita Sharma, Savita Gupta, Assistant Directors Sujata Thakur, Vibhuti Dogra, Mamta Vaidya and Principal of DIET Shimla Jaidev Negi are the members of this working group.

Joint Director Higher Education Dr. Harish Kumar has been made the convener of the working group formed to improve vocational education, while Joint Director Dr. Nandlal Sharma is the member secretary.

In this, Assistant Director School Surendra Sharma, Principal School Manjula Thakur, Vocational Teachers Praveen Meghta and Dinesh Stata from Senior Secondary School Dhali have been made members.

OSD Dr. Aarti will be the convener of the working group formed for Library Movement and Reading Habits, while Librarian from Higher Education Tirath Ram has been made the member secretary. School Principal Pratibha Thakur Karunlatha and Principal of Tooti Kandi Senior Secondary School Nitika have been made members of the working group.

Similarly, there is a working group regarding Performance Grading Index i.e. PGI, of which Joint Secretary Education Sunil Verma has been made the convener.

In this, the member secretary will be Additional Director Elementary Education Baburam Sharma, while School Principal Maya Chauhan, Sarika Ahuja, Headmistress of High School Kaithu Renu Chandel, Script Writer Leena Sharma, Shashi Ranjan Jha from Samagra Shiksha, Assistant Programmer Samagra Shiksha Yadvendra Kumar, Satish Kaushal and School principal Lekhraj Sharma is a member.

The last working group is regarding new initiatives and innovative projects. Its convener has been Special Secretary Education Pankaj Rai, while Member Secretary is Director Elementary Education.

In this, Director of Higher Education Dr. Amarjeet Sharma, Additional Director Higher Education Sanjeev Sood, Principal St. Bedes College, Executive Director Pine Grove School Solan Captain AJ Singh, School Principal Dr. Nirupama Gupta and State Project Director Monitoring Shashi Bhushan Sood have been made members. .

a meeting every month

All working groups are required to meet once a week as per the assigned work. This meeting can be physical or virtual. The member secretary of the working group has to keep all the records with him and the convener will give information about all types of meetings to both the education directors.