Turtuk: A Beautiful Village in Ladakh, Where a Visit will Give you a Spiritual Feeling


If you are fond of traveling, then there are so many places in India, without seeing which your journey is incomplete. Also, traveling does not require a very expensive budget.

If you are also fond of traveling, then definitely visit this last village of the country. So let’s know what is special to see in this village.

The specialty of this village named Turtuk is the beautiful views here. This village situated at the end of Ladakh is also special because of its civilization and culture.


This village situated in the Khar Dungla Pass is situated between the high mountains. People of Balti culture live here whose language and culture are completely different and unique.

If you are fond of trekking then go to the hills of Karakoram. Away from the eyes of tourists, a visit to this village of Ladakh gives a unique experience.

There is no internet service here either. But the view of the waterfall present in this village is very special.

After crossing the vast meadows and the wooden bridge, when you see this waterfall, all the tiredness of the way vanishes.


Hotels will be less available to stay in Turtuk village but homestay facility will be available in the homes of the people here.

History of Turtuk Village

At the time of Indo-Pak partition in 1947, Turtuk along with other three villages Thang, Tyakshi and Chulunka used to fall in the Baltistan region of Pakistan, but after the Indo-Pak war in 1971, these four villages were captured by India.

Before the war of 1971, many people of this village were studying and working in other areas of Pakistan, but when the war of 1971 happened, these four villages became a part of India and those people, who wanted to study and work, had gone to another city in Pakistan, remained there.


Similarly, some members of some families of this village got divided in India and some members in Pakistan.

Cultivation of Apricot

Most of the apricots are cultivated in this beautiful village of Ladakh. In the gardens here you will find trees full of apricots which looks very beautiful. Along with this, many walnut trees will also be seen here.

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