Cement Issue: There will be no shortage of cement in Himachal, Ambuja and Ultratech company increased production

Ambuja and Ultratech company increased production

UltraTech company based in Bagha, Himachal Pradesh is ready to meet the shortage of cement in the state.

The production will be increased to 5,000 tonnes at the company’s Solan’s Bagha, Nalagarh’s Bagheri and Uttarakhand’s Roorkee plants as soon as the written order for cement demand is received from the government.

At present, UltraTech has a plant at Bagha in Solan district. Up to 10,000 tonnes of clinker is being prepared here daily. Apart from this, cement bags are also being made as per the demand.

The company is sending the clinker to its two other centers at Bagheri in Nalagarh and Roorkee in Uttarakhand. The company claims that the plant has the capacity to produce 10,000 to 15,000 thousand tonnes of clinker daily if the order is received from the government.

The government has now made preparations to transfer the order to Ultratech company which has been given to Ambuja and ACC. Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has given orders regarding this.

UltraTech Company is expected to get written orders soon. In such a situation, the company has already started preparations. On the other hand, the UltraTech Bagha plant head says that he has not received the written orders yet.

As soon as the orders are received, the production will be increased immediately. There will be no shortage of cement in the state.

Ambuja and Ultratech company increased production

Production increased by 600 tonnes in both the cement factories of Nalagarh

Due to the closure of ACC cement plants of Ambuja and Barmana in Darlaghat, cement production has increased in both the plants of Nalagarh. Clinker has also started coming from Rajasthan instead of Darlaghat.

Several vehicles of clinker reached the Ambuja plant in Nalagarh on Saturday. Along with the Himachal border, production has also been increased at the Ambuja plant located in Ghanauli, Punjab.

These plants are now producing more than their capacity. Production has been increased to 600 tonnes at Ambuja Cement Plant located in Navangram, Nalagarh.

The plant produces 6,000 tonnes of cement per day, but on Saturday 6,600 tonnes of cement was produced. At present there is stock of clinker in the plant, but clinker has started coming from Rajasthan.

Production has also been increased at UltraTech’s cement plant at Bagheri. 5,000 to 6,000 tonnes of cement is being produced here. On the other hand, Ashok Goel, director of Baddi-based dealer Rama Trading Company, told that till now he has not faced any shortage of cement.

Cement is coming from both the plants of Nalagarh. The old rate is still running. One bag of Ambuja Cement is being sold at Rs 400, UltraTech 410 and Bangar Cement at Rs 380 per bag.

On the other hand, Panjehra’s cement dealers Ram Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar told that they have no shortage of cement. Both the companies of Nalagarh are providing cement equally.