Kunzum Pass – The highest motorable pass

Kunzum Pass


Kunzum Pass is 122 km away from Manali. The altitude of Kunzum Pass is 4590 m. It  lies between 32.415798°N and 77.648528°E.


The Kunzum Pass connects Kullu and Lahaul Valley with Spiti Valley. The Kunzum pass is a highest moterable pass on the eastern Kunzum Range. The goddess Kunjum resides in a temple on the Kunzum top. The visitors round around the temples to seek blessings of goddess. It offers spectacular views of Bara-Sigri which is the second longest glacier in the world. The presense of Buddhist shrine and prayer flags reveal a strong Buddhist influence in the area.

Kunzum Pass
Kunzum Pass
Source: Lahaulspiti

Best time to visit : The best time to visit Kunzum pass are June through November.

Places of interest

Chandra Taal Lake

Chandra Taal is situated in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. The meaning of Chandra Tal is Lake of the Moon. The altitude of Chandra Taal is 4,300 metres. The lake lies in a broad grassy plain. The name of the lake arise from its growing shape.

Chandra Taal Lake
Chandra Taal Lake

There is a brownish patch Samundari pani in the middle of the lake. The Chandra Taal is a famous destination for trekkers and campers.

According to Hindu mythology

According to Hindu mythology the Chandra Taal is the place where Indra the king of gods came down on his chariot to transport Yudhishthira in his mortal from to heaven. The locals believe that fairies visit the lake at night. During springtime the meadows are carpeted with hundreds of kinds of wildflowers.

How to access

Kunzum is accessible from two sides.

From the West: Kunzum Pass is accessible via Keylong from the North or Manali from the South. Both routes converge in the small village of Gramphu, located in the Lahaul Valley.

From the East: Kunzum pass is accessible via National Highway 22. From Shimla, travelers follow the highway to Sumdo near the Tibet border. From here, a single lane road runs through Tabo, Kaza, and Losar before reaching Kunzum Pass.

By Air: The nearest airport is at Bhuntar which is 50 km away.

By Train: There is no railway network in the valley. The nearest broad-gauge railway station Pathankot is 324 kms from Manali.

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