Traffic closed till May 20 on Kiratpur-Nerchowk Fourlane

Four lane from above Gaggal airport

Kiratpur-Nerchowk four-lane has been closed till May 20 from Kainchimod to Mandi Bharadi bridge. Apart from completing the work inside the tunnel, this decision has been taken in view of the timely completion of the under-construction bridge at Jagatkhana.

In this context, orders have been issued on behalf of Deputy Commissioner Bilaspur Abid Hussain Sadiq.

Deputy Commissioner Bilaspur Abid Hussain Sadiq said that in order to complete the work on the under-construction Kiratpur-Nerchowk four lane soon and in view of the progress of the construction work, all types of traffic from Kainchimod to Mandi-Bharari bridge will be closed for traffic till the coming May. orders have been issued.

Kiratpur-Nerchowk Fourlane

This decision has been taken to open the four-laning work soon and open it for public use. He informed that the work of electricity, painting, and cleaning work is being done in the Kainchimod tunnel and Thapna tunnels, and work on bridges is being done in Mehla and Jagatkhana.

He said that the drivers coming from Kiratpur to Bilaspur, Ghumarwin, and Mandi should use the old National Highway 205.

Preparing to start the electrical painting work in the tunnel soon

Deputy Commissioner Abid Hussain said that due to the movement of vehicles on the Kiratpur-Nerchowk four-lane, problems are being faced in the construction work.

Electricity, painting, and cleaning works are being done in the Kainchimod tunnel, and Thapna tunnels and bridges are being done in Mehla and Jagatkhana. That’s why the construction work is being affected by the movement of traffic.

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