Unique Temple: Where Husband and wife cannot Visit Together


There are many temples in India which are famous either because of their miracles or because of their mysteries. There are also many temples which are famous for their unique traditions. There is one such temple which has a unique tradition.

A temple where husband and wife cannot visit together. Yes! In India, where worshiping together is considered most auspicious, on the other hand, in this temple of Maa Parvati located at Rampur, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, husband and wife worshiping together or visiting the idol of Parvati is completely prohibited.


Usually, husband and wife visit the temple of Maa Parvati and pray for good luck and to be together forever. But on visiting this temple together is punishable.

At the height of 11000 feet above sea level in Rampur of district Shimla in Devbhoomi Himachal Pradesh, a form of Maa Durga is sitting which is very famous by the name of Shrai Koti Mata.Both husband and wife go to this temple, but one stays outside and waits for the other.

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According to legend, Lord Shiva had asked his two sons Ganesha and Kartikeya to circumambulate the entire universe, at that time Kartikeya had gone on a pilgrimage, but Ganapatiji Maharaj had said this after circumambulating his parents. That there is confusion at the feet of the parents.


By the time Kartikeya ji returned, Ganpati ji’s marriage had already taken place, seeing this, Kartikeya ji Maharaj had decided never to marry. Even today, Ganapati Ji Maharaj along with his wife is sitting at the gate of Shrai Koti.

It is believed that the maa parvati was deeply saddened by Kartikeya ji’s vow of not getting married, along with she said that whichever husband and wife visit her here together, that couple will be separated.

For this reason even today husband and wife do not worship together here. If still someone does this, according to the curse of the maa, he has to bear separation from each other throughout his life.

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How to Reach the Temple

This temple has been the center of people’s faith for centuries and the maintenance of the temple is with the Mata Bhimakali Trust.

The way to this temple situated in the middle of a dense forest looks more delightful with the dense deodar trees.

After reaching Shimla, one can reach here via vehicle and bus via Narkanda and then via Manu village.

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