Keylong – Administrative centre of Lahaul and Spiti



Keylong(or Kyelong or Kyelang) is situated 126 km from north of Manali. The altitude of Keylong is 3156 m. It lies between 32.58°N and 77.03°E.


Keylong is the district head quarters of Lahaul and Spiti. The Keylong is the administrative centre of the Lahaul and Spiti. It is the most populated village of the Lahaul valley. Most of the government office are situated at here. It is the hub-centre of all commercial activity. There is small temple which is dedicated to the local deity Kelang Wazir. This place is the very busy in the end of August.

Keylong Spiti valley

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Sights and festivals

The annual festival is held each july and held number of cultural activites. The places which attracts large no of tourist is Gondla for ancient fort and Sissu for Siberian wild geese. Triloknath temple sacred destination for both Hindus and Buddhist. The famous monasteries include here are Guru Ghantal,Tayul,Shasur.

Places of interest

Trilokinath Temple

Trilokinath temple is situated on the bank of river Chenab. The altitude of Trilokinath Temple is 2,760 metres. The shine white painted temple is situated on a cliff at the end of a villagestreet.

Triloki Nath Temple

Importance of Trilokinath Temple

It is one of the names of lord Shiva. The meaning of the Trilokinath is lord of the three worlds. Idol of Lord Shiva is made of marble. Idol of Lord Shiva is revered by Hindus. Bhuddhists worship the idol as Avalokiteshwara which is crowned with an image of Amitabha Buddha. There are various speculations about the origin of the temple. The first speculations about Trilokinath temple is that the temple is initially dedicated to Lord Shiva later the temple is transformed into a Buddhist temple by Padmasambhava.

Guru Ghantal Monastery

The Guru Ghantal Monastery is situated 18 km before Keylong in Lahaul and Spiti district of himachal pradesh. It lies between 32°4′48″N and 76°00′15″E. It is situated on a hill. The Monastery is 800 year old monastery. Monastery is also known as Trilokinath temple. This Monastery is established by Guru Padmasambhava. One of the most renowned Buddhist pilgrim destinations in Himachal Pradesh, Guru Ghantal Monastery is visited and revered by people of all religions.

Guru Ghantal Monastery

Tayul Monastery

Tayul Monastery is situated 6 km from Keylong above the village of Satingri. Monastery is lies between 32°33′42″N and 77°4′23″E. The Tayul monastery is a Buddhidt monastery in the Bhaga valley of Lahaul and Spiti. The meaning of Tayul is chosen place. An interesting legend associates with the construction and naming of the monastery. In the 17th century Lama Serzang Rinchen of khan region of Tibet while performing his circumambulation of the sacred peak Drilburi, noticed a small glade in the juniper forest above Kyor and Tashikyang villages on the opposite side of the valley.

Tayul Monastery

How to access Keylong

By Air: The nearest airport is Bhunter which is 71 km away from Keylong.

By Train: The Keylong does not have an railway station. But the optional nearest railway station is Amb Andaura.

By Bus: The Keylong is well connected by roads. We can easily get regular buses from other major cities of the country.


In winter the temperature can reach below freezing point heavy woolen clothes are required. In summer the min temperature is 20 °C and maximum 35 °C but woolen clothes are recommended.