Farmer Protest : Farmers break barricades, Haryana Police lobs teargas shells


The Haryana Police on Tuesday lobbed multiple rounds of teargas shells, including through drones, at the Shambhu border near Ambala to disperse farmers marching towards Delhi to seek enactment of a law on minimum support price.

The police first used teargas when farmers tried to break barricades set up at the Shambhu border and throw it off the Ghaggar river bridge.

Some of the farmers also tried to remove the cement barricades with the help of tractors.

But after an hour when a sizable number of farmers gathered near the barricades at the Shambhu border, police again hurled tear gas shells to disperse the protesters, they said.

Police also fire tear gas shells after some of the protesters entered a nearby फील्ड। A drone was also used to drop the tear gas shells and keep an eye on the protesters.

Farmers were seen carrying wet jute bags to shield themselves from the effect of the smoke released from teargas shells.

Farmers demanding a law on minimum support price are marching toward Delhi after a meeting with two Union ministers over their demands remained inconclusive.