One million rupees lost every day due to farmer movement

Farmers Protest Punjab toll-free till 22nd

The farmers’ movement has started having a huge impact on the industries of Himachal. The farmers’ movement has a significant impact on freight transportation.

The movement of trucks from BBN, the major industrial area of the state, to other states including Delhi has almost come to a standstill for the last three days.

The situation is such that due to the stoppage of truck movement, the supply of raw and finished goods is getting affected. Hundreds of trucks destined for Delhi are stranded in Haryana.

Not only this, the movement of trucks to Delhi has come to a standstill, and trucks going to other states via Haryana have also been stopped on the way.

Such situations have increased the concerns of truck operators as well as entrepreneurs. Let us tell you that more than 250 trucks leave for Delhi every day from the Nalagarh Truck Operator Union, but the wheels of the trucks are stuck since 13th February.

Due to this, the truck union is facing a loss of ten lakhs daily. According to the information, the farmers’ movement has started affecting transporters and industries.

In the last three days, more than one thousand trucks are standing loaded with goods, which include finished goods worth crores of rupees, which are to go to other states including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha and Kolkata via Delhi.

The farmers’ movement has increased the problems of those truck owners. Nalagarh Truck Union, one of the largest truck unions in Asia, has ten thousand trucks in its fleet, which carry finished goods from industries in more than 25 states of the country.

25 percent decline in freight traffic

Dinesh Kaushal, General Secretary of the Nalagarh Truck Operator Union, said that the movement of trucks has been badly affected due to the agitation.

The movement of trucks to Delhi has come to a complete halt for three days. Not only this, 30 to 40 percent reduction in freight traffic has been recorded for other states also. There are jams on many highways due to the crowd of farmers.

Shortage of raw materials in industries

State President of Laghu Udyog Bharti Harbans Patial said that till now the industry is keeping an eye on the situation.

With each passing day, there is a shortage of raw materials in the industries, while finished goods are not being supplied on time.

The situation is such that in some industries raw material comes daily, and production in such industries has been affected.

Vehicles stopped at the Shambhu border

Former NIA Secretary Anil Sharma said that the freight movement from industrial area BBN to Delhi has come to a standstill for the last three days, neither finished goods nor raw materials can reach here from Delhi.

Due to farmers’ agitation, trucks are being stopped at many places in Shambhu Border and Haryana due to which the trucks of truck operators have been stranded.