Forest clearance for half a dozen four-lane projects, now the way for construction is clear

Shimla-Mataur four-lane

Shimla: After a long wait, the National Highway has got a big benefit in forest clearance. The files of about half a dozen cases stuck in the pipeline have been cleared.

The way for the construction of four-lane has been completely cleared in Shimla-Mataur, Pathankot-Mandi, and Kalka-Shimla.

Now the process of transferring the land of the Forest Department to NHAI on these three NHs will start.

The Revenue Department will take over the front and after that further steps will be taken for the construction. Around eight NH packages were in the queue for forest clearance since the beginning of the year.

Seven of them have been approved so far. Among those that have been approved, the approval for the construction of four-lane in 13 hectares of forest land for Hamirpur bypass on Shimla-Mataur NH is included.

Forest clearance four-lane projects

Stage one approval has been given to 2.2 hectares of forest land from Chilbagh (Hamirpur) to Bhangwar (Jwalamukhi) on the same route.

Along with this, forest clearance has been given for the construction of four-lane on 7.8-hectare land from Siuni to Rajol on Pathankot-Mandi NH. On this route, the central government has agreed to approve the part from Thanpuri to Paraur.

The matter of 16 hectares of land from Thanpuri to Paraur has been proposed to the regional office. No objection has been registered in the file that was prepared for this part and sent to the Ministry of Environment.

Due to this, it is expected that by the end of this month, approval will be given for the four-lane construction.

NHAI has also got a big relief on Kalka-Shimla NH. Here the matter of the acquisition of additional land from Solan to Kanthlighat was pending. Due to this, NHAI had expressed doubt on the possibility of getting the four-lane ready in time.

Now the central government has approved the acquisition of additional land. After this approval, the dumping site can be developed in the vicinity of Srinagar.

Along with this, approval has been received for the third part of NH from Kanthlighat to Dhalli, and from Kanthlighat to Shakral.

While the approval from Shakral to Dhalli is expected to come this month itself. After these approvals in Forest Clearance, the condition of most parts of NH has been cleared.

Economic situation will change due to the four-lane construction

NHAI RO Abdul Basit said that after the approval of the four-lane project, the next process of land acquisition and construction will be started. NHAI will pay full attention to ensure that all these national highways are completed on time.

With the cooperation of the state government, the work of converting these national highways into four lanes will be completed. After the construction of four lanes, the pace of development will increase in the state.

These routes have been approved

13 Acre Stage One in Hamirpur Bypass
Shimla Bypass Kaithlighat to Shakral
Rajol from Siuni in an area of 7.28 hectares in Palampur
Bhangwar-Jwalamukhi-Chilbagh (Hamirpur) in 2.2 Hectares
Additional Land Fourlane around Kanthlighat-Solan Srinagar
Proposed in 16-hectare regional office from Thanpuri to Paraur