People of Lengdi-Kuh will get Road Facility

Shimla-Mataur four-lane

Shimla: Under Gram Panchayat Kuhmjhwad, people from village Muchhad, Lengri to Dalit Basti, Kuh will now get road facility. For this, a temporary link road has been constructed here.

The efforts made by State Congress Committee Secretary and State Cooperative Bank Director Sunil Sharma to provide this road facility to the people have been commendable.

Among the local people, Saravan Kumar, Amarnath, Jaipal, Kartar Singh, Jagarnath, Sanjeev Kumar, Pal Singh, Besariyan Ram, and others have expressed their gratitude to State Congress Committee Secretary Sunil Sharma for providing road facilities.

Lengdi-Kuh road facility

At the same time, the said people said that Sunil Sharma’s efforts to provide road facilities have been better.

He said that earlier people had to face problems due to lack of road facilities. But now road facilities have been made available.

Due to which he has got a sigh of relief. He said that he has also expressed his gratitude to Zilla Parishad member Beliram Tagore.

State Congress Committee Secretary Sunil Sharma said that the demand for road facilities was being made by the people for a long time. He urged the people to take advantage of the various welfare policies being run by the government.

The problems will also be put before the government. At the same time, the Chief Minister will also be informed about the solution of these problems. Zilla Parishad member Beli Ram Tagore was present during this.