Himachal government bans the deputation of teachers in schools

JBT-Shastri Cabinet discusses batchwise recruitment

Shimla: The Himachal government has banned the deputation of teachers in schools. Instructions have also been given to send 400 teachers appointed on deputation back to schools during the BJP government.

Education Minister Rohit Thakur said that Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has clear instructions that teachers should not be sent on deputation to schools.

The Congress government has geared up to bring back 400 teachers who have been on deputation to schools for the past several years.

Himachal government bans the deputation of teachers in schools

About 400 of these teachers, instead of teaching students in schools, are serving in schools adjacent to district headquarters including the Directorate of Education, Deputy Director’s Office, DIET.

Many government schools in the state are facing acute shortage of teachers. Despite this, there are such teachers who, instead of teaching the students, are engaged in doing clerical work in the offices.

Due to living in the district headquarters including the capital Shimla, these teachers have arranged for deputation.

The governments in power have been talking about sending these teachers to schools, but nothing has been done in this regard on the ground.

Now the state government, which talks about system change instead of power change, has taken strict cognizance of the deputations.

Now these teachers will be sent to schools in remote and inaccessible areas facing a shortage of vacant posts.