Land use freeze on both sides of the four-lane, Read full news

Shimla-Mataur four-lane

Shimla: Restrictions have been imposed on new construction along the newly built four-lane stretch in Himachal. After the decision of the cabinet, the Town and Country Planning Department issued a notification in this regard.

Along with the formation of the planning area, now the land use has also been frozen for five years. PCP Principal Secretary Devesh Kumar has issued three separate notifications in this regard.

According to them, on National Highway-5 Parwanoo-Shimla, National Highway-3 Kiratpur-Manali, National Highway-88 Shimla-Mataur, and National Highway-154 Pathankot-Mandi, these restrictions will be applicable within a radius of 100 meters on both sides.

There will be no change in the area which was already notified under the planning area or special area in the middle of these national highways. This new system will be considered applicable from June 28.

Under another notification, land use has been frozen in this planning area for the next five years to protect the land on both sides of these four lanes and to prevent any threat to road transport.

This means that at the time of coming into force of this notification, there will be no change in the existing land use of that land. That is, if there is a farm within a radius of 100 meters, then agriculture can be done there, but a house will not be built on the farm.

 Land use freeze on both sides of the four-lane

Where the house is already built, permission will be given for its reconstruction, but permission will have to be taken as per the terms of TCP.

Under another notification, the Town and Country Planning Department has also constituted the Atal Tunnel Planning Area in Rohtang.

This arrangement was already there on the south portal of the tunnel towards Manali, but now a planning area has also been made on the north portal towards Lahaul Spiti.

It also covers the banks of both the Chandra and Bhaga rivers. Here also, TCP restrictions have come into force on new construction activities.