There will be no Temporary Recruitment of Teachers in Himachal, Vacant Posts will be Filled through Public Service Commission

no temporary recruitment of teachers in himachal

There will be no temporary appointments on the posts of teachers lying vacant in government schools of Himachal. Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu clarified the situation on teacher recruitment on Thursday.

Giving a big statement, the CM said that the Himachal government is not going to recruit temporary teachers anywhere.

He said that I read through newspapers this morning that the government is going to make appointments of teachers through the Director of Education, Deputy Director.

The CM clarified that the government has no intention of making any backdoor appointments.

The committee formed regarding the recruitment has only been told that wherever the posts of teachers are vacant, their information should be gathered.

The CM said that whatever appointments will be made, they will be done through the Public Service Commission.

The confusion being spread by the media regarding temporary recruitment, the government has no policy regarding it.

The government believes in transparency and whenever there will be recruitment on vacant posts, it will be done with complete transparency. Whatever has come in the newspapers is definitely wrong.