Chandra Taal Lake – The Lake Of Moon


Chandra Taal Lake, called the paradise of tourist and trekker, is known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the country, situated at an altitude of about 4300 meters in the Himalayas.

The lake is situated on the plateau overlooking the Chandra river. The name “Chandra Taal” (Lake of the Moon) is derived from its crescent-shaped shape.

The lake is one of the two high-altitude wetlands in India that have been designated as Ramsar sites. The lake served as a temporary abode for Tibetan traders on their journey to Spiti and the Kullu Valley. Chandratal Lake attracts tourists very much with its picturesque views.

Chandra Taal Lake Trek

The Chandra Taal Baralacha Trek is a fun-filled trek that offers an adventure-filled experience. This trek offers the most picturesque views of the range of mountains and majestic blue waters.

The trek passes through rocky mountain passes and lush green meadows. A trek to Chandratal Lake passes through the snow-capped peaks of Minar, Talagiri, Tara Pahar and Mulkila, all of which are more than 6000 meters high, with a panoramic view of the Lahaul range.


This trek takes you to the highest point of 5000 m. If you are walking on such a high trek, then it is very important to have good fitness and good stamina.

The trek becomes a bit challenging at the time of river crossing, but it is doable with caution.

Let us tell you that trekking to Chandratal Lake is organized in June and October. Avoid visiting this place during monsoon as the water level of the rivers and lake becomes abnormally high during this time, which can hinder your journey.

Things to Take on a Trek

  • Don’t forget to take snow and waterproof shoes with good grip, this will help you walk on the rocky routes.
  • A good wooden stick or walking stick will come in handy during the trek to give you a good grip in the snow.
  • Do keep things like torch, jacket, thermal wear, sweater, snow cap, gloves, and heavy woolens.
  • Take 2 extra pairs of thick woolen socks with you, as your socks may get wet while crossing the river or in the snow.
  • A small towel to keep each part of your body dry.
  • Carry your basic travel kit – water, snacks, and medicines.

Camping at Chandra Taal Lake

Chandratal Lake is an official camping site, where tourists can lie down in the lap of nature overnight and enjoy the bliss of the place.

One can watch the twinkling stars while lying on the lakeside at night. Spending a night by the banks of Chandratal Lake will surely provide a special experience to both your mind and body.


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Chandra Taal Lake at night

Chandra Taal Lake is named Chandratal not only because of its moon shape but also because it represents the moon.

Tourists here visit this place to witness the unique beauty at night. The lake appears dark blue in the morning but with the onset of evening it appears greenish and appears black at night.

Famous Restaurants and Local Food of Chandra Taal lake

The cuisine of Spiti has an interesting mix of dishes which everyone must taste. Tibetan food is very famous here. Along with North-Indian food, Israeli food can also be enjoyed here.

The village here has barley fields, which is the biggest source of food here. Here the grain is used to produce chang (barley whiskey), chung (barley beer). And roasted flour ladoos are used in breakfast, called thungpa.

The local food here includes momos, thukpa, butter tea, chang’s to name a few which you must taste. Apart from this, the tea here is quite famous for the garnish of lemon, mint, ginger, honey.

According to Hindu mythology

According to Hindu mythology, the Chandra Taal is the place where Indra the king of gods came down on his chariot to transport Yudhishthira in his mortal from to heaven.

The locals believe that fairies visit the lake at night. During springtime the meadows are carpeted with hundreds of kinds of wildflowers.


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Best time to Visit Chandra Taal Lake

If you want to travel to Chandratal Lake, then let us tell you that the best time to travel here is between July and August. The roads are completely cleared of snow during these months, making it much easier to walk on the roads.

How To Reach Chandratal Lake

How To Reach By Road

The nearest motorable road to Chandratal is the Kunjam Pass, which leads to the parking lot, about 2 km from the lake.

Earlier there was a walking route from Kunzum Pass to Chandratal Lake, but now it can be traveled by bike or car in about 2 hours. Chandra Tal is about 30 kilometers away from Suraj Tal.

Alternatively, you can also reach Chandratal from Manali by hiring a car. However, traveling by car will cost you a lot.

Another option is to take a bus to Kaza in Spiti Valley and get down at बॉटल। From Battal, it is a 14 km trek to Chandratal Lake. Those who are not interested in trekking can do hic-hike.

Chandra Taal Lake

How To Reach By Flight

There is no direct flight available to Spiti Valley. The nearest airport is at Bhuntar, which is located near Kullu and is 245 km from the valley. However, Bhuntar Airport is small with limited flights.

Alternatively, Chandigarh Airport is the nearest international airport at a distance of 522 km. As another alternative, the airport is located in Shimla.

How to Reach by Train

The nearest broad gauge railway station to Spiti is located at Chandigarh, which has good connectivity to all major cities of the country.

There is also a railway station at Jogindernagar which is the nearest to Spiti, but the connectivity of this railway station is very poor. Another nearest railway station is located at Kalka.

Chandra Taal Lake Google Map

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