Land Acquisition for Gaggal airport will Start Soon

Dharamshala-Chandigarh air service start from 22nd September

The process of expansion of Kangra Airport is progressing continuously. In such a situation, the work of land acquisition will start soon. Techno feasibility report is being sent to the government through drone survey.

After this, experts will give their suggestions regarding viability. After this, the complete design of the airport will be prepared by taking out its length and width from the Kangra airport strip to the construction of a bridge over Manjhi Khad. Meanwhile, as soon as all the formalities are completed, the work on the ground will also start.

The work of Kangra Airport, which is considered important from the point of view of security and tourism, will soon be seen coming out of the paper process. The drone survey of the new addition area including the existing infrastructure of the airport has been done point by point.

Now its complete detail report will be prepared and sent to the government. After this, the work of land acquisition will start and work on the process of all aspects from the bridge to be built on Manjhi Khad in the newly included area will also be carried out.

Land acquisition for Gaggal airport will start soon

In this way, with the completion of all the formalities, there are possibilities of starting work at the ground level as soon as the process of paperwork regarding the airport is completed.

However, the people of the area are still demanding their rehabilitation. In such a situation, the government will have to work on the process of settling the people and businessmen of the displaced area.

Deputy Director of Tourism Department Vinay Dhiman says that after the survey the feasibility report will be ready, on the same basis the work will proceed. Efforts are being made in this direction.

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