Only the Colleges will have to Approve the Registration Number, the Controller of Examinations has given Orders to all the Principals.

HPU released merit list of B.Ed.

Some of the 140 colleges in the state that come under State University are such where students are facing difficulty in getting registration number.

The reason is that the college administration at its level has refused to give registration number to the students and along with this the college administration is not approving the student who is applying for migration also.

Students are continuously reaching out to the university administration regarding this problem.

In such a situation, instructions have been issued by the Controller of Examinations to all the colleges that all the colleges will approve the registration of the students at their own level so that the students do not face any kind of problem due to this.

HPU does not have the option to proceed with the process without the registration of the student from the college. In such a situation, it is necessary that the college in which the student is studying, he has to register there.


However, according to the rules that have been set for this, the college will give admission to the students.

University administration will not be responsible for any problem faced by the student. All the colleges have been told to register the students only after checking their complete records.

Along with this, the recognition of the college in which the student is admitted should also be checked. Many types of cases of non-registration of students in colleges have come to the fore.

Because of this, students have to go round the university everyday. In such a situation, these instructions have now been issued to the principals belonging to all degree colleges.

Without a registration number, neither the student can appear in the examination nor he/she is considered a student of the concerned college. Once applied, this number is valid till the completion of the student’s university studies.