Rohtang-Solanganala Buzzed with Tourists, the Movement of Vehicles Increased here

Rohtang-Solanganala buzzing with tourists

Atal Tunnel Rohtang’s South Portal and Solanganala were buzzing with tourists on Friday. The tourists had a lot of fun in the snow. Every day tourist fairs are being held at Solanganala, Hamta, Anjani Mahadev, Fatru, and Dhundhi Maidan.

Tourists are reaching the South Portal of Atal Tunnel Rohtang in four-by-four vehicles. Hundreds of tourists reached the South Portal of Solanganala and Atal Tunnel since Friday morning and saw the snow.

Tourism businessmen Dole Ram, Ved Ram and Roop Chand Thakur told that tourists are also enjoying skiing, paragliding, mountain bike, horse riding, and snow scooter in Solanganala.

Hotel Association Manali President Mukesh Thakur and Vice President Roshan Thakur said that the winter season is going well in Manali.

Rohtang-Solanganala buzzing with tourists

The snowfall has given wings to the tourism of Manali and the hoteliers have also heaved a sigh of relief.

DSP Manali KD Sharma said that the movement of tourists towards the Atal Tunnel depends on the weather.

Right now only four by-four vehicles are being sent towards the tunnel. All vehicles will be allowed to go towards the Atal Tunnel as soon as parking arrangements are made in Dhundi.