BEd Trainees of Dharamshala will Get Job Before Passing out


A message in the form of an e-mail was sent to one thousand private schools of the state to conduct interviews to provide employment to trainees studying at Dharamshala B.Ed College.

Trainees of Dharamshala B.Ed will get jobs before passing out. Unemployed Dharamshala trainees will no longer be jobless after doing B.Ed.

Along with studies in Dharamshala B.Ed College, a career counseling cell has also been set up and Dr. RK Kaundal has been appointed as its co-ordinator.

Co-ordinator Dr. RK Kaundal said that Career Guides Counselor Cell plays an important role in the bright future of the students.

Through this, along with the counseling of trainees, for the first time, an employment fair will also be organized for the final-year students of Dharamshala B.Ed College.

Dr. RK Kaundal told that soon this job fair will be held on the college campus itself.

BEd trainees of Dharamshala will get job before passing out

In this, various private schools affiliated to HP Board and CBSE Board of Himachal Pradesh will be called for interviews. Due to this, students will not have to wander for employment. They will be able to get placement from the campus itself.

In this, along with old trainees studying from Dharamshala B.Ed College, final-year students who have passed the Eligibility Test (TET) will be given employment.

The B.Ed college administration has started work on this scheme. The coordinator said that invitations for interviews have been sent through e-mail to about one thousand private schools affiliated with the HP Board and CBSE Board in the state.

Private Schools will take Interview

Aarti Verma, Principal of Dharamshala B.Ed, told that in this, employment opportunities will be provided to the students.

In Dharamshala B.Ed college, private schools affiliated to various HP Board and CBSE Board of the state have been invited to take interviews. In relation to employment, students will also be discussed as to what their trend is.