Tridev Sammelan a flop show: Virbhadra Singh



– Tribune News Service

Terming the ‘Tridev Sammelan’ of the BJP at Solan as a flop show, Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh today said that the claims of the BJP national president Amit Shah for forming a BJP government in Himachal Pradesh was like a dream which will never come true. Talking to media persons at Annadale here he said that it was unfortunate on the part of the BJP president to level charges of corruption against the state government without any evidence. The BJP leaders should prove it before misleading the people, he remarked.

Referring to the speech made by Amit Shah that ‘Himachal mein aise Sarkar banao jo bees saal tak satta mein rahe’ (Form such a government in Himachal which will remain in power for next 20 years), the Chief Minister said that the people of the state were better judge to differentiate between the functioning of both the the BJP and the Congress. They have full faith in Congress leadership and its policies and in the coming Vidhan Sabha election the people will make them bite the dust, he said.
The BJP is eager to form the government in the state for which they were issuing sensational statements to misguide the people. They are involved in malicious propaganda, he said.

He said the Congress Government was synonymous with development and the people of the state realize that. Moreover, the state has been adjudged as the Best Big State in the field of education and the Improved Big State in the category of inclusive development, adding, “Education was the top priority of the government and we don’t mind whatever was said in the rally”.

The Chief Minister said that the Congress was also not afraid of the charge-sheet BJP was preparing. If any unfounded charges are leveled against the government or any individual in the charge Sheet, the government would take appropriate action. Taking strong exception of the tall claims being made by the BJP president Amit Shah in a rally at Solan, Industries Minister Mukesh Agnihotri and Urban Development Minister Sudhir Sharma said that the Congress Government would not only complete its present term but would again form government in 2017.

In a joint statement issued here the ministers said that the claim by the BJP president that the state had been given 62 new National Highways was a mere political announcement as not even a penny had been received from the Centre till now.
They said that the Centre has not even approved the estimates of Rs 240 crore for preparing DPRs for these roads.