WHO Claims: Neither a Little nor much, Drinking just one Drop of Alcohol can Cause Seven Types of Cancer.


Alcohol has become very expensive… drink little by little. These lines sound good only in humming them. Alcohol is not good in any sense, it is known to all, but some experts believe that a small amount of alcohol is fine, but what the World Health Organization has revealed is shocking.

WHO has claimed that even a drop of alcohol is poison. When a person takes alcohol, he paves the way for cancer at the same time, whether alcohol is taken in small quantities or in large quantities.

WHO says that alcohol is a very dangerous drink and should be avoided, because there is no such scale of alcohol that it can be assumed that drinking in such a quantity will not cause any harm to the body.

In a statement published in The Lancet Public Health of WHO, it has been said that there is no such formula for drinking alcohol, which can be decided that drinking so much alcohol will not cause any harm to the body.

The study states that drinking alcohol increases the risk of seven types of cancer, including throat cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, maw cancer, breast cancer, esophagus cancer etc.

In such a situation, it is not at all appropriate to say that drinking a little bit of alcohol will not do anything. Those who say that if one should drink alcohol only in this quantity, then nothing will happen, they are all wrong.