Schools in the State will be Illuminated by the Sun’s Rays- the Work of Setting up Rooftop Solar Plants is in Full Swing

Now Pangi will be illuminated by the sun

The work of setting up rooftop solar plants in government senior secondary schools across the state has started. Three crore rupees are being spent for this work being done by the Science Technology and Environment Council, Shimla.

Work has been completed in two out of three schools in district Solan, where electricity generated from solar is being used.

In this, the electricity bill of these schools has also come to zero. At the same time, soon this facility will be started in other schools as well. Plants will be installed in all the schools in the coming days.

It may be noted that solar panels are being installed on the roofs of schools under the Scientific Scheme (Green School) of the Center for Science and Environment, Delhi.


In the first phase, this work has been done in three schools of the selected Solan district of the state. This scheme will also reduce the electricity bill in schools.

At the same time, along with making the schools smart, the use of electricity will also be reduced by the use of solar energy.

The solar panel installed in Dharampur school of district Solan, where earlier the electricity bill in the school used to be more than three thousand, whereas with the installation of this panel, now the electricity bill has reached zero. Apart from this, energy from solar panels is also being used in Nalagarh school. – hdm

Solar Panels being Installed in Selected Schools

District Science Supervisor Solan Amrish Sharma said that the test of solar panels on the roof of schools has been successful, after which the use of Solan energy has started in Nalagarh School in Dharampur, Solan and the electricity bill has become zero there. Work is also being done in this direction in other selected schools of the state.

This School Select

Government Senior Secondary School Thunag, Bharadi, Randhra, Chauntara, Bagsed, Dharampur, Nalagarh, Pratha, Paonta Sahib, Nahan, Puruvala, Chamba, Bharmour, Baat, Dalhousie, Guglada, ‘Wali, Khanaira Khas, Gandad, Kulheda, Duggha, Kangal , Khunni, Chaupal, Reckong Peo, Sangla, Kalruhi, Panjgain, Dadhol, Gahar are working on solar panels.