So will Humans Never Die? Scientists got the Recipe to make Humans Immortal!


The one who has come in this world will also go. This is a universal truth, which we cannot deny. Because man is not immortal.

As life is certain, death is also certain, but now scientists are working on a research that will make humans immortal.

Although the research is successful or not, it is in the womb of the future, but scientists have claimed that by 2045 we will develop such a thing, by which man will never die, he will become immortal.

Dr. Jose Cardeiro, scientist of the International Nonprofit Organization-Humanite Plus, says that he will soon reveal the secret of immortality.

Claims Based on this research

In Howard and Boston’s laboratory, a research has been done on old rats, in which they were made young and their eyesight also recovered. The special thing in this is that it can also be reversed.



This was a joint research by Howard Medical School and Boston University, in which researcher David Dinclair said that aging is a reversible process, which can be manipulated.

Not only this, Cambridge University had also said something similar and told that age can be brought back through a method. Skill Cells were reprogrammed for research so that they could travel back in time.

The name of this research, published in the scientific journal Cell, is Loss of Epigenetic Information as a Cause of Mammalian Aging.

Will be able to Reduce Age every Year

Now scientists have not made any disclosure on how humans can be made immortal, but it is claimed that by 2045 the recipe to make humans immortal will be found.

Dr. Jose Cardeiro claims that in the year 2030 people will be able to reduce their age year by year and by 2045 humans can be made immortal.