Murli Manohar Temple – A Unique Shri Krishna Temple where the Flute is Placed in Opposite Direction to its Idol.


There is such a unique Murli Manohar temple of Lord Shri Krishna at Sujanpur in Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh, where flute is installed in the opposite direction to its idol.

Raja Sansar Chand of the Katoch dynasty had established the Murli Manohar Temple about 400 years ago, which is still the center of faith among the devotees.

A national level Holi fair is also organized here in which a large number of devotees reach the temple premises. There are many secrets hidden in this temple, no one knows their reality, but a story about the construction of the temple is still famous, which we are sharing with you.


A legend is prevalent in the temple about the flute placed in the opposite direction in the idol of Lord Krishna.

At the time when the idol of Lord Krishna was being installed in the temple, Maharaja Sansar Chand questioned the priests about the installation of the idol of Lord Shri Krishna in the temple premises and if the answer was not satisfactory, all the priests were to be beheaded.

Hearing the Maharaja’s question, the priests kept awake all night to find the answer, when the priests went to the temple in the morning, they found that the flute in the idol was in the right direction in the evening, but by the morning it itself turned in the opposite direction. They gave proof of the presence of Lord Krishna here to the Maharaja.

Ravi Awasthi, the head priest of the royal family of Katoch dynasty, told that the idol of Lord Shri Krishna in Murli Manohar temple is the only idol in the whole world, in which the flute is facing in the opposite direction.


It is said that the wishes of the devotees coming here are fulfilled since the time the temple was built because of which, even after so many years, this temple remains an attraction for devotees and tourists coming from far and wide.

This temple was built about 400 years ago by Maharaja Sansar Chand with a sum of one lakh rupees.

National level Holi festival is celebrated in the temple

Holi fair has been organized in Murli Manohar temple since Katoch dynasty itself. It was started by applying gulal to Lord Shri Krishna and Radha.

This tradition continues even after almost 400 years have passed. At present, the national level Holi is inaugurated by the CM here after duly worshiping.

How To Reach Murli Manohar Temple

To reach Sujanpur by rail, one has to go to the nearest railway station, Una. From where Sujanpur falls at a distance of about 85 kms.


To go by road, Sujanpur can be reached by traveling a distance of 64 kilometers directly from Kangra bus stand in Himachal Pradesh.

Apart from this, Sujanpur can be easily reached even though Hamirpur or Nadaun. Direct transport bus service is available from Delhi to Sujanpur.

On the other hand, talking about the air route, Sujanpur falls at a distance of 65 kilometers from Kangra airport. By reaching the airport, one can easily reach here by roadways bus or taxi.

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