Bajeshwar Mahadev Temple – Largest stone temple in Kullu



Bajeshwar Mahadev Temple is situated in Bajura 15 km away from the Kullu on the bank of the Beas river. Bajeshwar Mahadev Temple one the most beautiful temple in Kullu.


Bajeshwar Mahadev Temple is famous for its complex stone carvings. This Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple houses a large ‘Yoni Lingam’ idol represting Lord Shiva and his wife Goddes Parvati.

Basheshwar Mahadev Temple

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It is considered to be the largest stone temple in Kullu Valley. We can also see the idols of other deities like Lord Vishnu, Ganesha, Durga, and Laxmi are housed inside the temple and the Ganesha idol is placed in a three sided shrine outside the temple. Kullu is called Silver Valley because it has over 20 stone temples. The Bajaura Temple of Lord Shiva or Basheshwar Mahadev Temple is the largest and most popular of them.

How to access Bajeshwar Mahadev Temple

Basheshwar Mahadev Temple 15 km away from Kullu. Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport 30 k.M. Jogindernagar is the nearest railhead 150 k.M.


The Weather of Bhuntar good all year. The best time to visit Bhuntar and its temples is during October.The winter are cold and chiily with temperatures
diping down to zero levels. Summar are pleasant and sunnny ideal for rekking and adventure sports like rock climbing, river rafting and so forth.