Naggar – Former capital of Kullu



Naggar is situated on the bank of river Beas. The altitude of Naggar is 1851m. Naggar is peaceful village.


Naggar is situated on the bank of river Beas. The altitude of Naggar is 1851m. Naggar is peaceful village. Naggar was the capital of the Kullu Rajas for about 1400 years. Naggar is also known for its castle and the Nicholas Roerich’s Museum. Naggar is delightfully situated on the wooded slope and commands an extensive view, especially of the North-West of the valley.There are a large number of famous temples around Naggar.Naggar is excellent place for a longer stay.

Naggar Castle
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The Beautiful Naggar castle now a Himachal Tourism hotel and restaurant. Naggar castle was old capital of the former Kullu Kingdom about 500 years. From the hotel overlooks  Kullu Valley. In the Deodar forest on top of a hill above Naggar village is the old wood and stone Krishna Mandir. A gallery houses the paintings of the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich. Naggar also has three other old shrines. Hotel Castle is home of the Raja of Kullu and now an HPTDC Heritage hotel.

Place of interest in Naggar

Naggar Castle


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Naggar Castle is traditionally believed to have been built by Raja Sidhi Singh in early sixteenth century. The Castle was converted into a rest house.
In 1978 this ancient building was handed over HPTDC to run as a heritage hotel. Hotel Castle is an unique medieval stone and wood mansion, once the home to the Raja of Kullu and now an HPTDC Heritage hotel.



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Nicholas Roerich is known first and foremost as a Russian-born artist. His paintings, of which there are thousands around the world, explore the mythic origins, the natural beauty, and the spiritual strivings of humanity and of the world. The Museum displays approximately two hundred of these works, and keeps them permanently on display, for visitors who come from around the world. Indeed, for many of these visitors, the Museum is a destination of great importance the paintings speak to them of their own inner yearnings and possible fulfillment.

Guari Shankar Temple


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The temple is in a pyramidal style with square at the base and a dome above. The temple consists of the idol of Gauri-Shankar. Front portion of the Garbh-Grih, the figures of Ganesh, flowers, a musician and a dancer have been engraved on stones. The temple is a protected monument.

Tripura Sundary Temple


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The temple is in pagoda style.Tripura Sundary Temple has three roofs. Raja Yashodhapal built the Tripura Temple. Tripura Temple consists of stone idols of Vishnu,Brahma, Laxmi Narayan,Ganesh, and Shiv Parvati. A 30 cm idol of Tripura Rrakshisha made a mixture eight matal.

How to access

The closest airports are at Chandigarh (120km) and Shimla Jubber Hatti Airport (63km). There is an Airport near to Kasol,which is located in Bhuntar(Kullu). While coming from Delhi and Chandigarh side you should get down at Kullu. Board one of the busses to Naggar. The distance from Kullu to Naggar is 22 km. we can also get busses and jeeps from Patlikhuhal to Naggar.


The weather is quite comfortable and the temperature rarely crosses more than 27° Celsius. The days are pleasant and sunny and the evenings are cool. It does get quite cold during the winter months.Winter in Naggar is quite extreme and there are times when the temperature falls below 0°Celsius. In fact, the place remains covered in fog and mist almost throughout the day, and snowfall occurs often. People from different part of the county often brave the winter chill to enjoy the snowfall here.

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