Coronavirus Update: There is not a Single dose of Covishield in Himachal, There is also a Huge Shortage of Covaxin

Corona Update: 11 New Cases of Corona in Sirmaur

Coronavirus Update: There is not a single dose of Covishield left in Himachal Pradesh to deal with the fourth wave of Corona, while there is also a huge shortage of Covaxin. Vaccine shortage was exposed in the mock drill on Tuesday regarding preparations to fight Covid.

20,000 doses of Covaxin are available in the state, while Covishield is not available not only in Himachal but in the entire country.

On Tuesday, in the portal of the Health Department, all the health institutions of the state have shared information regarding the preparedness and available resources for Covid.

Presently there are 31 active patients of Corona in the state. There is no Covid infected in district Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti.

To deal with Covid, mock drill was done across the state. All the District Deputy Commissioners, CMOs and BMOs reviewed the preparations. Instructions have been given to remove the deficiencies immediately.

During the mock drill, the health institutions gave detailed information about the arrangement of beds, availability of oxygen cylinders, ventilators, vaccines, medicines and staff to deal with Covid. All this information has been made available on the portal of the Health Department.


This will be monitored every day, so that there is no problem in dealing with Covid. Many institutions have reported shortage of medicines to deal with Covid. These institutes have been asked to maintain adequate stock of medicines.

It has been asked to keep proper stock of medicines to deal with Covid. Covishield is over in the state, only 20 thousand doses of Covaxin are available. The issue of vaccine shortage has been taken up with the central government. -H Bairwa, Director, National Health Mission