15 Hill Station Travel Essentials That You Must Have In Your Bag During A Trip


Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur are such places in India, where there is a lot of heat, people in these cities get bothered by the heat and prefer to go to hill stations to celebrate their holidays.

Shimla, Manali Nainital are such hill stations in India where tourists like to visit very much. All these hill stations are located very close to Delhi, the capital of India, so tourists can reach there by traveling for 7-8 hours.

If you are also planning to visit any hill station trip or trip in India, then you must carry the necessary things while preparing your travel bag, because while traveling to hill station, there are many such essential things which you need in any way. Time may also be required.

If you too are packing your bag to travel to a hill station in India, then definitely read this article, here we are going to tell you a list of 15 essential items that you must have in your travel bag during your trip. should keep.


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Leather Jacket

Whichever hill station you are going to visit, if the temperature there is less than 15 degrees, then definitely take a Leather Jacket with you because this jacket is very warm and helps you to avoid severe cold.

The weather is never constant in hill stations, so you must carry a leather jacket in your bag. Leather jackets also look good to wear and keep your body warm when the temperature is low.


For the number of days you are traveling to Manali, Nainital or any other cold hill station, take one sweater and one extra sweater with you for each day. Since the temperature often drops suddenly at hill stations, it is better to stash an extra sweater in your bag.

Body Warmer

There are many people who are not used to wearing sweaters for a long time or they are allergic to wearing sweaters, so whenever you are going to travel to a hill station, you must take a body warmer with you because this sweater They are much lighter as compared to and protect the body completely from the cold.


If you are packing a travel bag to travel to a cold place, then keep a muffler in your bag, because the muffler gives you a great look and also protects you from the cold. If you want to click cool photos at the hill station, then definitely take a well designed muffler with you.

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Carry 5-6 pairs of thick socks with you while traveling to hill stations, as they will protect you from extreme cold and will not take up much space in your bag.


If you want to protect your hands from the cold, then do not forget to take thick gloves with a good design. Although you get many types of gloves at hill stations like Shimla and Manali, but for this you have to pay more money. So it would be better to take gloves with you.

Emergency Numbers

This list of items is completely incomplete without including emergency numbers. Always keep emergency numbers with you if you are going to travel to a hill station.

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Head Woolen Cap

Head woolen caps are the best to protect your head from cold as it provides relief from cold and covers the head as well as the ears. If you do not have anything to cover your ears, then definitely take a head woolen cap with you.

Two Types Of Shoes

There are many people who take shoes with them by matching the dress, but if you want to protect your legs from the cold, then keeping matching shoes is better than taking a sneaker and high top shoes with you. Will cover the legs till the top. High top shoes are good for you in cold.


Even though the cold is more in the hill station tourist places, but on top of the hill, sometimes the sun shines directly in the eyes.

If you go for trekking in tourist places like Manali and Shimla then you may need sunglasses. Sunglasses cover your eyes from many things and your photo wearing them will also look great.


The weather at the hill station is never stable and there is a possibility of rain any time. That’s why whenever you are going to travel to a hill station, do carry an umbrella with you in your bag for every two people.

Sunscreen Lotion

If you are going somewhere for a trip, whether it is hot or cold, sunscreen lotion helps you to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

Experts also recommend that whenever you are going to travel to a hilly area, you must carry sunscreen lotion with you to avoid sun tanning.

Skin Care Products

If you are going to travel to a hill station or a cold place, then due to the dry air, your skin becomes dry and lifeless. So whenever you are packing a bag for travel, do not forget to keep moisturizer or cold cream. People whose skin is dry, their skin becomes dry in the cold.

First aid kit

Many times it happens that whenever you travel with your family members and friends, you may get hurt while having fun or you may have to face problems like cold and flu due to the weather.That’s why when you pack your travel bag for a trip, then definitely take the first aid kit with you.

Selfie Stick & Digital Camera

Digital camera is one such thing which can make your trip very special and helps in capturing memories during any trip.

If you are going to travel somewhere then do not forget to take a selfie stick with you in addition to the digital camera because sometimes it is not possible to use the camera so you can click some good pictures with the help of selfie stick.

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