Due to the winter carnival, 1200 women in traditional costumes performed Mahanati


Kullu Manali: Kullavi Nati was the center of attraction on the Mall Road of Manali on the second day of the national-level Winter Carnival.

1200 women from the left bank of Manali danced together in the Mahanati organized on the second day of the national-level winter carnival in the tourist city of Manali. Kullavi musical instruments made Mal Road resound with melodious tunes.

Mahanati was organized on the second day of the Winter Carnival. During this, 95 women troupes of Left Bank danced in traditional costumes. On Wednesday, the tourists also praised the attire of Devbhoomi.


The Kullavi Mahanati, which is performed on Manali’s Mall Road by women dressed in the Kullavi culture, draws visitors from all over the nation. Manali’s Mall Road was spotted lined with traditional costumes.

On the second day of the Winter Carnival, around 1200 women from Mahila Mandals of Left Bank Manali participated in Kullavi Nati in traditional attire, Pattu and Dhathu.

Women dressed in Kullavi attire performed a spectacular dance. During this, the tradition of Devbhoomi Kullu was displayed brilliantly.

Artists presented Kullavi culture from the stage of the Winter Carnival. Seeing this Mahanati, thousands of tourists who reached Manali became crazy about Himachal culture.

Women participated in Mahanati wearing mythological ornaments like Chandrahar, Balu, Baju Bandh, Panjab, and Pattu with three flowers.

Winter Carnival Committee Vice President and SDM Manali Raman Kumar said that around 1200 women from 95 Mahila Mandals participated in Mahanati.

The message of preservation and promotion of ancient culture was given through Nati. He said that on January 5, there will be a Mahanati of the women of the Right Bank.


Winter carnival manali 2024

Start Date: January 02, 2024

Last Date: January 6, 2024

Address: Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Impact: National level event

Objective: To promote winter tourism

Organiser: DC Kullu is the Chairman and SDM Manali is the Vice Chairman, with both government and non-government members

Timings: Cultural and other programs take place daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.