Today again Discussion of Adani Group Truck Operators; Government called Meeting in Secretariat, Trying to Solve the Rate Issue

Today Again Discussion of Adani Group Truck Operators

After the lockout of the ACC cement factory Barmana, the protests continued on Sunday as part of the ongoing Pakka Morcha campaign against the Adani Group. Despite being spent more than two months, no conclusion has been found so far.

The round of meetings continues one after the other. The state government has called a meeting at the Shimla Secretariat on Monday, in which there will be an attempt to resolve the dispute between Adani group and truck operators.

On Sunday, Bilaspur Main Market Ward No. number nine attended the dharna under the leadership of truck operator Vikas Bhargava and Sunit Sharma.

Kamlendra, Mohit, Ibrahim, Krishnalal, Ravindra Kumar, Rampal, Rajkumar, Jodha Singh, Santosh Kumar, Vikas Jagota, Rafiq Mohammad, Prem Singh and Harjit Singh etc. expressed their anger over the dogma of Adani Group and the government in truck operators advocating the solution while interfering in it.

On the other hand, BDTS chairman Lekhram Verma says that this struggle is pulling long, but the truck operators will not back down and fight a decisive battle. There are repeated meetings, but the solution is not coming out.

He said that although the transport rate should be received at Rs 12.04 under the fixed formula, the Adani group does not agree to give a rate of Rs 10.70 fixed by the UltraTech company.

In such a situation, it is not understood what is the intention of the Adani group. Regular meetings are being conducted but the solution is not coming out.

The Adani Group talks about shutting down the dump of Punjab and does not want to work in long distances even in Himachal Pradesh.


The dispatch is also being said to give less than the prescribed. In such a situation, how will the livelihood of truck operators run.

Pankaj Rai, Deputy Commissioner, Bilaspur informed that the state government has called an important meeting at the Shimla Secretariat at 11 O’clock on Monday, in which there will be talks between truck operators and Adani Group regarding the transport rate and both sides have to resolve the matter by reconciling the matter.

Carrying Vehicles Stopped on Borders

BDTS head Rakesh Thakur Rocky and General Secretary Pradeep Thakur said that the struggle of truck operators is going on.

The boundaries of the district have been sealed and cargo vehicles coming from outside are being stopped there. The vehicles coming from outside will not be allowed to enter the border.

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