Here’s how you can have a good night sleep

Shivani Choudhary, 7, a street performer sleeps on her hut at the slum on the bank of Manahara River after a whole day of street performance in Kathmandu August 15, 2012. Shivani and her brothers Drumpal and Gchan, who came to Kathmandu from India 5 years ago, earn their living by performing tricks on the streets of Kathmandu. According to Drumpal, Shivani's older brother, they earn around $10 a day by performing tricks, which is not enough to feed their 10-member family living together in a small hut without a proper toilet or any basic needs. REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar (NEPAL - Tags: SOCIETY POVERTY IMMIGRATION)

London, Aug 23 (ANI): Having sleepless nights? Here are ways which can make you sleep better. Well, first thing first! Keep your bed for sleeping and don’t use a computer or watch the television in the bed, the Daily Express reported.

In the evening avoid exposure to bright lights, as it lowers melatonin levels and your brain’s signal that it is time to go to sleep.

One should not consume large carbohydrate-rich meals before bed and caffeine rich drinks.

One should avoid doing workout just before you go to sleep.

Lastly, one should try to maintain a sleep time. (ANI)

Source: Aninews