For the First time in Himachal, Roads will be Built with German Technology

Four lane from above Gaggal airport

Shimla: For the first time in Himachal, German technology will be used in the construction of roads. On the lines of Uttar Pradesh, preparations have started to construct roads with full-depth reclamation (FDR).

The Central Government has agreed to make 600 kilometers of roads using FDR technology. The first use of this technique in the state is going to be in the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana. In fact, the state government has sent the DPR of 3100 km in PMGSY phase three to the Centre.

In this DPR, approval has been received for 450 kms so far and DPRs of 2650 kms have been deposited with the Central Government.

The central government had sent a special team to Shimla. This team has held an important meeting with the top officials of the Public Works Department.

For the First time in Himachal, Roads will be Built with German Technology

This team has advised the Public Works Department to renovate the roads using FDR technique. Along with this, out of 2650 km, 600 km have also been selected in FDR.

Significantly, FDR works on German technology. Under this, after uprooting the already constructed roads, a new road is prepared from the same debris. The special thing is that using this technique reduces pollution.

The central government is emphasizing the adoption of this technology throughout the country. Before this, roads are being constructed from FDR in Uttar Pradesh.

Now in Himachal also the technology will be tried on PMGSY first and then on normal roads. After this, this technology will also be used in the maintenance of those roads which would have become old.

Roads will be built with a machine worth seven crores

The cost of the machine used in Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is around Rs 7 crore. The special thing is that if the Public Works Department brings the tender process in Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana under the ambit of FDR, then the contractors will have to buy machines for this.

However, the department has also decided to give permission to work by taking this machine on rent in the initial phase. In fact, this machine is not yet with any contractor in Himachal.

Contractors will also be able to take machinery on rent

Ajay Gupta, Engineer-in-Chief, Public Works Department said that DG Dr. Ashish Goyal had come to Shimla from the Central Government.

He has informed the officials of the Himachal Public Works Department about the use of the FDR technique.

Public Works Department is going to use this technology first in PMGSY. 600-kilometer-long roads will be built through this technology only. Contractors or agencies involved in road construction can buy or rent this German machine.