Due to AIIMS and Four-lane, the Price of Bilaspur land Increased up to 40 Times

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Shimla: With the construction of AIIMS and Fourlane, the land prices in Bilaspur have increased up to 40 times.

The cost of five to 10 lakh per bigha land has now reached up to two crore rupees. The land around AIIMS and Fourlane is being sold in full swing. The land along the railway line has also been sold.

In this, not only the state, people from outside states are also buying land. People are giving land at higher prices than those given by the Railways, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), and the Central Government.

The prices of land on the Kiratpur-Nerchowk four-lane, including Mandi-Bharadi, Jakatkhana, Dhaliar, Tunhu, Patta Kallar and Baghi-Mehla, were in the range of 25 thousand to 50 thousand per biswa before the four-lane was made. Now the prices have reached eight lakh to 10 lakh per biswa.

Before AIIMS started, the cost of land on the national highway in Kothipura was Rs 1 lakh per biswa. Now this price has become 10 to 12 lakhs per biswa.

There was no market here before AIIMS started. Even if people had sold the land under compulsion, they would have got five lakhs per bigha of land. Now the cost of the same land has increased to more than two crores per bigha.

Private price more than land acquisition of government projects

The highest compensation of 86 lakh per bigha has been received from the government in the acquisition of rail line land.

On the other hand, maximum compensation of Rs 35 lakh per bigha has been given in four lane land acquisition. In this way, there is a big difference between the government price and the private price.

More demand for land from Mandi-Bharadi to Auhar

The demand for land on the Kiratpur-Nerchowk fourlane from Mandi-Bharari bridge to Auhar is high. This is the reason why a lot of land has been sold in this area. Gobind Sagar Lake with Fourlane is situated in this area.

The restoration project of temples is to be built in this lake and water sports activities are also to be started on a large scale. Because of this, people want to take land here.

Bandla’s land prices increased from Hydro Engineering College

Due to the formation of Hydro Engineering College in Bandla Dhar of Bilaspur, the cost of land here has also increased.

About three-kilometer long ropeway is proposed from Bandla Dhar to Bilaspur. For this reason, also people are trying to buy land here.

Shimla-Mataur four-lane will also increase the land prices

Due to the Shimla-Mataur four-lane under construction, people are buying land on this four-lane. Because of this, the prices of land are increasing.

Under section 118 only a few people from outside states in the district have applied to buy land for business.

Most of the land in these areas is being bought by the people of the state itself. There is no involvement of the administration regarding the prices of the purchase and sale of land at the private level.