Haulage Way System, Shanan Rope Way System


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Here is a haulage way system in Jogindernagar which is perhaps its only kind of track in the world. There are different haulage way stations in this particular transportation system starting from Buffer stop (4150 feet).Next is Adit Junction set at an altitude of 6000 feet is locally called as 18 number as it is imprinted over there. The water rushes down from the reservoir at Barot in the Uhl river through penstock pipes going down nearly a thousand meters (3280 feet). The loading capacity of haulage way cars are 15, 10, 5 tons. Higher the capacity, lower the speed. Haulage Way System or Trolley at Jogindernagar is one of its own kind in the world.

Sep. 30, 2012
Currently the haulage trolley functions partially. There are total 5 spans or points of the haulage way from Shanan, the base point near Joginder Nagar, to Barot. Starting from base the first point is “18 number” or Adit Junction which is nearly 1.5 KM from base. Currently the trolley runs twice a day everyday from base to 18 number. It runs once a week from the base to third point Winch Camp which is nearly 4 KM from the base. Barot is two point ahead (nearly 9 KM from the base) and trolley runs rarely and in special cases and occasion.




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