Janjehli – Famous for trekking



Janjehli is situated 67 km far from Mandi. The height of Janjehli valley from sea level is 2150 metres.

About Janjehli

Janjehli Valley is beautiful place and surrounded by beautiful valleys like Bheemshila. Bheemshila is a big rock. Janjehli is paradise for hikers. Janjehli is also famous for trekking. Janjehli valley also has clean and pure water river. We cam see beautiful view of Pandoh and Mandi from Magru Gala.

Source: Hpmandi

We can also visit beautiful place Banjar. Banjar is situated 40 km far from Janjehli valley. The Banjar is famous for wildlife sanctuary. Many foreign tourists and visitors visit this beautiful valley. We can trek through the Shikari Devi wildlife sanctuary to Shikari Devi temple.

Places of interest

Shikari Devi Temple

Shikari Devi temple is sourrounded by beautiful deodar woods, pine tree,apple and orchid tree. The way to Shikari Devi is difficult from Janjheli or karsog valley. Shikari Devi Temple is roofless and located on the top of hill. A stone idol is placed inside the Shikari Devi temple. According to legends the hunters in the early years worshipped the Goddess. Hunter prays to Goddess success in their hunt. So in the old days Goddess was known as Shikari Devi. According to the myth there will be no snowfall on the top of the Shikari Devi temple. During Navaratra fair is held here. Large no of peoples comes to see the fair. The Pandava during their exile mediated at this place and were blessed by Goddess Durga for thier victory over Kauravas. The most popular trek to Shikari Devi is via Jhanjhehali. Most trekkers choose the Jhanjhehali valley for trekking.

How to access

By Air: The nearest airport is Bhuntar 39 km.

By Raod: Janjheli is 67 km from Mandi. Taxis and buses to Janjheli are available at all major stations.

By Train:The nearest narrow gauge railway station is Joginder Nagar. The Joginder Nagar is 56 km from Mandi. The nearest broad-gauge railhead is Pathankot at a distance of 210 km.


In winter, the temperature reach freezing point when heavy woollen clothes are required. During summer, the climate is hot and cottons are recommended.

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