Himachal Pradesh water level going down, warns Waterman



SHIMLA: Waterman of India Rajendra Singh has opined that Himachal Pradesh needs to devise a mechanism for proper utilization of rainwater, which at present is going down the drain. Rajendra is a Magsaysay awardee in 2001 for rejuvenating the water sources in Rajasthan and other states.

Speaking at a day-long seminar on Water Conservation and Management at Raj Bhawan in Shimla on Tuesday, he said that it was a matter of concern that the water level in the state was also going down. He said it was high time to slow down the pace of water flow and conserve it for recharging water bodies.

He said that experiences revealed that promotion of water harvesting structures through appropriate institutional mechanisms and financial arrangements would be the best intervention or adaptive mechanism to reduce the adverse impact of climate change on groundwater resources as well as farm economy-based livelihood.

Governor Acharya Devvrat also underlined the need for active participation of common people in tackling the water crisis in an effective manner as the government schemes alone were not sufficient. He too expressed concern that both farmers and people residing in towns were facing the problem of water scarcity.

Story: Time of india