Trilokinath Temple – Temple of Lord Shiva



Trilokinath Temple is situated on the bank of river Chenab. The altitude of Trilokinath Temple is 2,760 metres. It is situated in Lahaul and Spiti district of himachal pradesh. It lies between 32°41’5″N  and 76°41’42″E.


Trilokinath is one of the names of lord Shiva. The meaning of the Trilokinath is lord of the three worlds. Idol of Lord Shiva is made of marble. Iidol of Lord Shiva is revered by Hindus. The Bhuddhists worship the idol as Avalokiteshwara which is crowned with an image of Amitabha Buddha. There are various speculations about the origin of the temple. First speculations about Trilokinath temple is that the temple is initially dedicated to Lord Shiva later the temple is transformed into a Buddhist temple by Padmasambhava. Second speculations about Trilokinath temple is that the temple is an example of Kashmiri-Kannauj style. Though differences persist about the Hindu or Buddhist origins. But the Trilokinath temple follows tradition which does not clash with both the religions. Ttradition of celebrating Pauri festival is the perfect example of syncretism. The temple attracts large number tourists because of temple stone carvings on walls pillars on each side of the door are imitable. Trilokinath temple is also known for its senic beauty.

Trilokinath Temple
Triloki Nath Temple

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There is apparently nothing left of the original temple structure, but there is a strong local tradition that Trilokinath was originally a Buddhist vihara. The temple had a marble statue of a six-headed Avalokiteshvara which was stolen decades ago and replaced with a crude image of grey stone, and later with the present six-armed white marble Avalokiteshvara is attributed by some to the 12th century. It is revered as Avalokiteshvara by Buddhists and as Shiva by Hindus and is crowned with an image of Amitabha Buddha – the ‘Buddha of Boundless Light. [source wikipedia=]

Importance of Trilokinath Temple

There are wooden statues and carvings inside temple. During August 3rd week of every year, there will be a festival in Trilokinath. This festival is called Pori locally. The women dress is a special attraction at Lahaul which is called by the name Cholu.

Best time to visit: July to September