Igloo tourism gaining popularity in Manali


Mandi : Igloo tourism is getting popular in Kullu district. For tourists staying inside a snow house is a new and unique experience adding to fun and joy.

Two youths Vikas Kumar and Tashi Dorje of Manali are promoting igloo tourism near the Hamta Pass at Sainthen village for the past three years, attracting tourists. The concept of igloo tourism (stay inside a snow house) was conceived by these youths in 2017.

Vikas told The Tribune that the winter time, when temperatures plummet drastically, is congenial for giving shape to an igloo. As temperature increases, the structure melts rapidly.

“Inside an igloo, there is arrangement for bedding, where tourists can stay at night. To maintain warmth inside, we provide the tourists hot water bottles and warm bedding system. Use of electric heaters or a bonfire inside the igloo for warming is prohibited. However, to decorate the igloo at nights with lights, we provide power supply through power generator”, Vikas said.

“We charge a sum of Rs 5,000 per person for night stay in an igloo, while a couple will have to shell out Rs 10,000. They will be provided breakfast, lunch and dinner along with other snow activity”, said Vikas.

Rajneesh Dube, a tourist hailing from Delhi and fascinated by the novel concept, said staying inside the snow house was a wonderful experience. “It is a new concept for tourists like us because a majority of tourists have no experience or idea about an igloo”, he said.

Like Rajneesh, several couples are visiting Manali to enjoy igloo tourism, where snow is in plenty for the recreation of tourists.

With igloo business getting popular, the youths are planning to promote it on a bigger scale in coming years. This year they made five igloos in the vicinity of Hamta Pass in Sainthen village.